A brand new way to package, promote, and broadcast your original series or independent film on the web

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Siteroll helps you build your brand and audience.

Michael Grover, Siteroll FounderHi. I'm Michael Grover, founder and developer of Siteroll.

You've worked hard on your original series or independent film. Do you turn to Youtube or Vimeo for distribution? It's a smart choice because there are millions of users visiting those sites.

But, linking to your content on those services is a big mistake.

Why? Because you're not just building a show or film, you are building a brand. You are building an audience. And you are building a relationship between the two.

Every time you send out a link that isn't your own show's name, every share, every referral, even every view of your content is a lost opportunity from a branding perspective.

Siteroll is a service designed specifically to help your original series or independent film build its brand and audience without losing the exposure that Vimeo and Youtube provide.

We've identified and built a series of powerful, must-have tools and modules that will help you build a brand, build an audience, and maybe even do a little fundraising along the way.

Siteroll is currently in Beta, so it's not publicly available yet. If you have an original series or independent film that you would like to use to help test the platform, send an email to mike@siteroll.com.

Take A Closer Look at Siteroll

Take A Closer Look at Siteroll

The core of Siteroll is your Siteroll page, a single-page site that's highly optimized to help you turn your show or film into a brand. To see this sample site live, go to http://www.LoveandLoathingSeries.com.

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